Prevent Athletes Foot as Spring Approaches

spring feet and shoes

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Athletes Foot

The most common conditions that occur in the feet are Athletes Foot infection and Toenail Fungus. All people sweat with exerted activities, and so will the feet. The moisture with the increased temperature in the shoes will be a growth factor for fungus. Fungus thrives in moist and dark environment. Molds are commonly found in bathroom stalls. Foot perspiration often creates the ideal conditions for fungal growth.  Symptoms of Athletes Foot can make your feet and the skin between your toes burn and itch. Take care to keep your feet clean and dry. If you do suspect a case of Athletes Foot, seek treatment. Your podiatrist can offer a variety of remedies and treatment. The fungus that causes Athletes Foot can then grow in your shoes. We can’t forget to treat both.

In the case of Toenail Fungus, look for dry, scaly skin and discoloration to the nails. They can be unsightly and cause much psychological distress. The earlier the treatment, the better the result.

Spring in Your Feet

As spring approaches, people become more active to shake off their winter blues and burn off those extra calories around their love handles. Runners put on their shoes just to be outdoors due to the cabin fever during the winter months. Bikers begin to ride to get their mileage in and prepare for their highly anticipated first spring race. Sports activities will become the thing for the weekend warriors and kids will be playing in the yard with the local neighbor’s kids. With these increasing activities, it is a good time to considering causes and prevention of these common conditions to the feet.


Wear shower sandals in shared areas like locker rooms and use anti-perspirant spray to help keep your feet dry. Wear breathable shoes. The best shoes are designed with materials that allow moisture to escape.
Good Shoes Put Spring in Your Step!

Of course, the typical shoe selections for the spring are sandals and flip flops. Some people just wear these non-supportive shoes year-round, without realizing the negative impact they may have on body mechanics, posture and especially the lower back. Proper support is critical and there is just no support in these shoes. Flat shoes and sandals are not meant to be worn for long standing activities, e.g. grocery shopping, sports watching, or long excursions. Look for orthopedic sandals that have built in arch support. These are much better selection for sandals. Family Podiatry of Maryland recommends a couple of brands. These are,  Vionic and Orthaheel. We do not recommend the extended use of Flip Flops. If you find your feet are hurting, switch to the more supportive shoes like tennis or running shoes. Avoid minimal tennis shoes to ensure the support is adequate. Your feet will thank you for it.

Your feet are so important to your overall health and ability to live a full and active lifestyle, they deserve a little extra attention. Springtime is when many do spring cleaning. Add spring footcare and enjoy the season to its fullest!

Dang H Vu, DPM has been serving Baltimore patients for over 15 years from his offices in Reisterstown and Towson, providing compassionate and effective foot care to young and old alike.  As a certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon he is trained to handle any injury or condition of the feet.  See what his patients are saying!