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The Best Kept Secret – Your Podiatrist

Podiatrist – A Laser Focus on the Foot and Ankle

Your Podiatrist knows the foot and ankle biomechanics more than any other specialty.  Our schooling consists of 4 years of podiatric medical studies, including internships and externships during the latter years.

More than Seven Years of Focused Study of Podiatry

After medical schools, Podiatrist graduates are required to do a 3 years residency program that requires various rotations in related fields as well as surgical training.  Depending on the comfort level of the graduates, some do extensive fellowship after residency in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

Foot & Ankle Injuries are Our Specialty

With all the required courses in the lower extremities, from dermatological to surgical, a graduate from podiatry school is equipped with the knowledge and dexterity to handle the most urgent and difficult foot and ankle cases.

Diabetic Wound Care is not the Focus of an Orthopedist

Podiatrists know how to treat difficult diabetic wounds of the feet and legs.  Wound care is a specialty in itself.  Your podiatrist treats the underlining causes to the wounds to speed the healing process.  We can improve healing the wounds with immobilization, custom inserts, and/or orthopedic shoes.  You will not find these solutions in your Orthopedic Surgeon’s office.

The Foot & Ankle and Biomechanics

No one knows more about the biomechanics of the foot and ankle than your podiatrist.  Our training consists of gait analysis and biomechanics. An added benefit is that we can prescribe prosthesis and orthoses (Orthopedic Inserts and Shoes) prescription writing.

Pain in the Knees, Hips and Lower Back

The feet are your foundation.  The abnormalities found in the feet and ankles could lead to pain and joint derangement at the knees and hips.  At times, pain or symptoms that occur at the knees, hips or lower back may be present due to the abnormal positioning and functionality of the feet.

A podiatric exam can often identify biomechanical issues in the feet. Do you experience foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain that worsens with activity?  Other symptoms include shin splints, pain in your calves, heels, or arches.

Custom Shoe Inserts or Orthotics May be the Solution

We make custom orthotics like no one else’s business.  Custom orthotics are medical devices that are made from the molds of your feet.  They are prescribed and sent to a lab by your podiatrist.  The result is a pair of custom orthotics or inserts that can reduce or eliminate pain and improve posture and gait.

A Simple Solution to Many Foot Problems

Orthotic Inserts or Orthopedic Shoes, custom designed and fit by your Foot Doctor are used to treat:

  • Pain from flat feet
  • Relief of Pressure points that many be causing pain, blisters or swelling
  • Correction of misalignment of the foot or ankle
  • If you are having pain due to work or sport activity
  • Improve your comfort level in all activities

If you are active and have pain due to the overuse stress of your work load, have your feet evaluated to see if you are a candidate for custom orthotics/inserts.

You Owe it to Yourself

If you have never been to a Podiatrist and are experiencing any foot and ankle ailment or injury, you owe it to yourself to see the doctor that knows better than any other about the foot and ankle… your foot doctor.

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine – abbreviated DPM

Dr. Dang H. Vu, DPM is a Baltimore Podiatrist with more than 15 years of experience.  He completed his residency at Sinai of Baltimore. He furthered his surgical expertise and now holds privileges at Northwest Hospital.  He offers services from three Baltimore Locations in Reisterstown, Towson and in the Rotunda Building in Hampden.  You can find directions and request an appointment on his website


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