This location is conveniently located across from St. Joseph Medical Center at 7600 Osler Drive near Towson University.  Parking is plentiful and we are located on the first floor level in suite 106.  Patients can take advantage of the pharmacy and lab located in the multi-specialty building.

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Complete Foot Care for Students & Residents of Towson, MD

Foot pain can have a profound impact on your life.  It can make it harder to walk, restrict your activities, impact your quality of life, make it hard or impossible to exercise.  Our experienced Podiatrists in Towson, MD have many ways of alleviating and even preventing foot pain. If you or your student has suddenly developed pain in their feet or heels, they may have an overuse injury.  When students suddenly go from a less active lifestyle to one of a more strenuous activity level, pain may ensue.  Overuse injuries can often be treated by the use of custom orthotics.

Dr. Vu Takes Care of  Towson Students!

Students going away to college for the first time quickly learn that there is an adjustment for their feet.  Whether it is dealing with more walking than they have had to do in the past or dealing with the health of dorm life, college students have many physical challenges to the vast campus.  College students may quickly find that they are experiencing pain in their feet more than they ever had before.

Our Most Common Podiatry Services

Foot Pain

Foot pain can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include poorly fitting shoes, prolonged period on feet, overuse such as long walks or running a marathon, sprains, strains, or trauma.

Heel & Ankle Pain

Physical discomfort in the ankle area, often including the joint or the tendon that connects the lower leg to the heel. Ankle pain can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include poorly fitting footwear, sprains, strains, overuse, lack of use, or trauma.

Nail & Skin Issues

Common causes of fingernail problems include injury, infection and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Causes of toenail problems include trauma, ill-fitting shoes, poor circulation, poor nerve supply and infection. Problems with toenails can be successfully treated by a podiatrist.

Diabetic Foot Care

Foot care is particularly important if you have diabetes. Foot problems are a common complication of this condition. Your feet can be affected in 2 ways. Blood supply may be affected, resulting in slower healing. You may also lose some feeling in your feet due to nerve damage. A person whose nerves are damaged by diabetes may not realise they have minor cuts or blisters, which can lead to ulcers.


hammertoe is a deformity of the toes. Under this condition, the toe is bent at the joint, so that it resembles a hammer. People with hammertoe may have corns or calluses on the top of the bent joint of the toe or on the tip of the toe. They may also feel pain in their toes and have difficulty finding comfortable shoes. 


Bunions are often described as a bump on the side of the big toe. But a bunion is more than that. The visible bump actually reflects changes in the bony structure between the first and second metatarsals.  There is a widening of the angle between these two bones.  The big toe also leans toward the second toe for it has sub-luxed off the big toe joint. The first metatarsal head is now protruding, producing the bunion’s “bump.”

Sports Related Injuries

What types of sports injuries can podiatrists treat? Podiatrists can treat a wide range of sports injuries, including ankle sprains, foot and ankle fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Morton's neuroma, and many more. Football and basketball players are extremely prone to foot and ankle injuries, while runners, dancers, and gymnasts are more likely to experience stress fractures.


Warts found on the foot and ankle often referred to as Plantar Warts, are hard, grainy growths that appear on the bottom of the heels or at the balls of the feet. They are caused by viruses. A small crack in the skin or a decrease in the immune system allows the virus to enter and remains in the dermal layer.

Athlete's Foot

If you think you have athlete's foot and its symptoms haven't subsided after a week or so of using OTC treatment, it's time to make an appointment to see a board-certified dermatologist. In situations like this, a prescription-based antifungal (either oral or topical) is often needed to get rid of the infection. If you are dealing with diabetes, nerve damage in your feet or other problems that impact the health of your feet it's even more important that you see a podiatrist.

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